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Ecuador’s Great Railway Line Reopened in 2013

New Spanish built luxury steam trains will take passengers from the Pacific seaport Guayaquil (the biggest Ecuadorian city) up to the capital Quito in the Andes. The distance is 447 kilometers or 278 miles and the highest station is as … Weiterlesen

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Bookings on Hostelworld

For urgent bookers who prefer instantly confirmed online reservations: You can now find us on Hostelworld! For those wo are a little more patient, of course we are still happy to receive your bookings by email.

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Guesthouse Pakay on Youtube

In October of 2012 Chilean Max Montana, protagonist of the TV program “Locos X la Aventura”, and his team were our guests and made a video of our guesthouse (in Spanish) which gives you a short impression of the house … Weiterlesen

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Modified cellphone numbers in Ecuador

All Ecuadorian cell phone numbers were modified in october of 2012, so all numbers with only 9 digits must now be dialled with the new 9 after the 0. Please dial the new Pakay Tours cellphone number 0990906633 instead of … Weiterlesen

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Welcome at Pakay Tours Ecuador!

Eco-friendly & fair tourism in Ecuador – Amazon rainforest, Andes & more! We are a small tourism business, owned by a German-Ecuadorian couple. We run a jungle-lodge-style eco-hostel located in Tena, a small town in the Western part of the … Weiterlesen

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