rafting and kayaking

As we are located in Ecuador`s capital of white water sports, it is a pleasure for us to organize rafting and kayaking for you with reliable and experienced operators in town. There is a variety of possibilities for rafting tours, depending on the season and the current water level.

For beginners we recommend the class III tours on the Jatun Yaku river, a pleasure not only because of the rafting experience itself, but also because of the beautiful environment.

The Jatun Yaku river rises from the Andean highlands and flows through the scarely populated Llanganates mountains, which makes it a very natural and attractive river with a high water quality.

For detailed information about rafting tours with higher levels please contact us.

Whereas experienced kayakers can choose a variety of tours, there are courses of 3-4 days for beginners to learn the basics.

Both rafting and kayaking can be organized as tours of several days with overnight stays / camping in the area, please contact us for detailed information.


Rafting: depending on destination and participant numbers USD 50 – 80 (lowest prices for class III tours on the Jatun Yaku)

Kayaking: courses for beginners USD 70, tours USD 65 per day approximately

Discounts for groups are possible.

All tours include transportation starting from town, all equiment like helms, live vests etc., lunch and drinking water.