Dry toilets

Usual sewage systems mix waste with fresh water which is then carried to sewage works where it is separated and cleaned; it is only at first sight that this system is truly hygienic, since there are problems left to be solved. If this is the case in modern countries, problems tend to become even more serious in less developed countries like Ecuador. Here the rural population has to take a significant health risk, since they are mainly dependent on the use of surface water.

The solution is the strict use of dry toilets that compost waste, the way nature intended it to be. Composting waste is by far more hygienic than mixing it with fresh water.

Due to our dry toilet concept composting takes place outside the main house in a special compost pit. It is divided into three chambers which are filled one after the other. It takes about a year to turn the material into valuable garden soil.

Daily emptying of the toilets allows for a comfortable and odourless toilet even under the existing climatic conditions and meets modern standards of hygiene and comfort.