The idea of ”Permaculture“ was developed by Bill Mollison (Right Livelihood Award). Meanwhile the idea of permaculture consists not only of the ecological component, i.e. permanent agriculture, but also of economical und social aspects. The aim is to develop an economy which takes care of resources as well as the environment.

We make this sustainable economy possible in different ways, favourably in near-natural cycles. By extensively growing fruit and vegetables (i.e. pine-apples, bananas, citrus fruits, arazá, manioc, papa china, tomatoes, pumpkin etc.) in strip cultivation on our own land we contribute to a local and ecological food production. In order to fertilize our plants we only use self-made compost. A spring on our property supplies water for the house. Due to the use of dry toilets we produce „only“ grey water, which can be filtered in a self-made wetland and channeled back into the natural water-cycle.