Local products and services

At our hostel in Tena we prefer to use locally and regionally grown and manufactured food and materials especially those that are produced respecting environmental and social rules. We support initiatives in the area by integrating them into our touristic activities. By employing and working with different Kichwa families in rural areas we provide an extra income for them.

Kallari is a cooperative of “Organic Artists, Cocao Growers & Gourmet Chocolate Makers” founded in 1997 and by now consisting of more than 800 Kichwa families all of them belonging to the province of Napo. The cooperative is the only regional establishment in the cocoa industry that takes care of all the stages of production. They have also achieved a marketing with nearly no intermediaries which means that a great part of the profit goes directly to Kallari and its members. Today Kallari is exporting its certified organic chocolate to twelve countries and selling traditional hand-made bags and traditional jewelry. We offer our guests to buy Kallari chocolate, which is a local and ecological product sold under fair conditions. In the future we hope to broaden our range by other products, i.e.: traditional jewelry made of natural materials and wood products.

Selva viva („Living Forest“) is a preservation project that we support by visiting their animal rescue center with our guests. Members of the project receive a discount when staying in our hostel in Tena. The nonprofit organization was founded in the nineties and owns a private rainforest preservation area with an adjoining animal rescue center where illegally hunted and kept animals are housed. The animals are treated medically and if possible set free again.