About us

.. and about Pakay

Here you get to know our team:

Inga Sensenschmidt
(Diploma in Geography)

Born in 1982 in Netphen, Germany

Before starting her university studies, Inga´s passion for Ecuador, the Andes, the Amazon and all kinds of tropical forests had already been awakened due to her first journey there. A later work-practice orientated semester in Tena resulted in the discovery of Tony and, about three and a half years later (in Bonn,Germany and Tena), the opening of “Pakay Tours“.

Tony Altamirano
(Ing. en Administración de Empresas Ecoturisticas [Ecotouristic Management Studies])
Guia Nacional de Turismo (Licensed guide for all Ecuador)

Born in 1972 in Fatima, Pastaza, Ecuador

Having grown up in a small village in our neighbouring province Pastaza, Tony has been familiar with the miracles of the jungle his whole life. During his studies in tourism and teaching, plus his full- and part-time jobs as a guide, he has been able to gain a great deal of experience in tourism. After living in Bonn (Germany), for two years and spending innumerable hours studying the language, he is now in a position to look after tourists in the best way possible – not only in English but also in German.

Why “Pakay“?

“Pakay“ is the Kichwa name of the multiple-species of tree genus found throughout the whole of Ecuador with especially many varieties in the Amazon. “Pakay“ or, more commonly, “guaba“, means the tree as well as its edible fruit, a pod which varies according to the different species. The most famous species of the genus is Inga edulis, with a fruit of about one meter in length, called “ guaba de bejuco“ which you can often find in Ecuadorian markets.

But the sweet giant fruits, which look funny to foreigners, are not the only impressive thing about the genus Inga. It has various qualities as an unpretentious, fast-growing shade tree and firewood producer, a pioneer in deforested areas which helps to improve the soil quality, and a helpful element in agroforestry systems, maintaining fertile soil and providing shadow for the survival of other plants.

We as a company wish to grow like a Pakay tree, without exhausting people or nature, with many kinds of positive effects on our environment, spreading ideas and letting them grow while also strengthening the growth of others. We wish to provide pleasant shade for those who are searching for rest, and for the more adventurous, we are glad to offer our unforgettable, amusing and instructive tours through the fascinating Pakay countryside.